The Power Of Morning Rituals

Just before dawn, when everyone is still sleeping soundly, I wake up. What better time for me to start my day, with only the light of a candle as a companion, I step into myself with no distractions. I find my stillness, I connect and set forth my intent for the day ahead. I then carry on with some or all of the following rituals:

  1. I splash cold water on my face, to wash away my sleep.
  2. I do Yoga stretches, check in with my physical body, do neck rolls, spine twists, and leg stretches.
  3. I do Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) and chakra awareness, connecting to my emotional self, and letting go of negative emotions. Literally, moving the energy.
  4. Depending on how I’m feeling, I may do Pranayam breathwork. I like to do Nadi Shodhana (alternative nose breathing) and Kapalabhati (skull shining breathing). Both are cleansing, energetic and powerful, connecting body, mind, and spirit, and letting go of unneeded emotions, feelings, aches and pains. 
  5. I meditate, moving into stillness, breathing with ease. I’ll do gratitude prayers, set intentions, visualizations for mental fitness.
  6. I Move my body. I alternate days with yoga, walks, runs, HIIT training, or do kettlebells.
  7. I write in my journal.
  8. I learn by reading for 10- 20 mins. 

Some days, I can spend 20 mins on these morning rituals, and some other days up to over an hour. This isn’t about what I accomplished or what I checked off my list. This is about love. My love for myself. Every morning, I create this space for myself to recharge, reconnect, have positive conversations, and let go of any feelings or emotions that may be negative and harmful. This is when I choose what my role in the world will be and what actions I will carry. I bring empathy and kindness to myself, family, friends, and the world.

Having a morning ritual and sticking to it is more empowering than one might think. It certainly has a positive impact on how I feel and how I manage my day. 

Do you have any morning rituals that help you start your day? I’d love to read about them. Please share in the comments below, and of course, I wish you a fantastic day!

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